Sensei Martin Thompson, Black belt 7th Dan (Aiki-Jujitsu).
33 Years Martial Art Experience

I Started training in 1987 at the age of 26 in Brentford under Professor George Scarrott, who was part of  an international organisation for 15 years. In this time I was heavily involved in developing the grading system for both the adult and children’s syllabus.  I also helped to develop the soft weapons combat (Viking and nunchaku) with Graham Godfree. I later ended up taking over the soft weapons combat and wrote the competition handbook guideline, which I still do now.  I then went on to open my own club in Feltham under the same international organisation as Professor George Scarrott. In Feb 2015 the club had started to stagnate and with Sensei Martin Ridley decided to move the club to Sandhurst; this was a big move but Sensei Martin Ridley lived in the area and was sure we would get more interest and would get new students. We actually took all our students that were training with us at the time to Sandhurst. In December 2015, after disagreements and not being happy about the way the organisation I had been apart of for so long was heading, I decided to leave and created All Abilities Martial Art in 2016 with Sensei Martin Ridley and joined The British Combat Association.

Sensei Roy Johnson Black belt 4th Dan 20+ Years Martial Art Experience

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Sensei Martin Ridley, Black belt 4th Dan (Aiki-Jujitsu). 20 Years+ Martial Art Experience. Research

Black belt 4th Dan (Aiki-Jujitsu)Presented with Warriors Assemble Fighting Spirit Awards 2016.Fighting for autism Coach Ambassador

I started training with Martin Thompson sometimes traveling a 40-50 mile round trip to attend his class. I was born with cerebral palsy. My condition has meant that I found learning martial art difficult. I am unable to do everything due to physical restraints, for example kicking or hip throwing. I have undergone many drastic operation to get to where I am and each time bringing new physical challenges. There have been times when I was in a wheelchair or on crutches and still wanted to train so we had to adapt what we do or teach. I have found my cerebral palsy to be getting worse and is so we are adapting whenever possible. Sensei Martin Thompson has taught me how to adapt my style and methods within my abilities as well as pushing me to aim higher than my self-confidence would suggest. It hasn’t been easy to achieve the grade I have now but I can honestly say I have earned it through my persistence and dedication with the support and guidance of Sensei Martin Thompson. He has never made things easy for me and always made me work hard to achieve my grades, only adapted the syllabus to what I can physically achieve. Opening my own Aiki-Jujitsu club has been an ambition of mine for many years and especially to focus on inclusive teaching of martial arts.