Our Instructor’s are Sensei Martin Ridley 5th Dan, Sensei Ellie Lee 2nd Dan and Sensei Wiktor Gierduszewski (Black Belt)

Sensei Martin Ridley, 5th Dan (Head Instructor & Co-Founder of All Abilities Martial Art)

20+ years of experience trained with some of the UK’s top Martial Artists
Soke Grandmaster George Scarrott 10th Dan (regular 121 training) Ken Culshaw 9th Dan, Sensei Martin Thompson 7th Dan Sensei Peter Jones 6th Dan Personal and club friend
and Tony Bailey 7th Dan

Martin Ridleys Research

History of Aiki-Jujitsu
women in Martial Arts

Sensei Ellie Lee 2nd Dan Aiki-Jujitsu
10+ Years experience
with Sensei Peter Jones 6th Dan

Sensei Wiktor Gierduszewski (Black Belt)