Policy Statement – Sharing Information via Microsoft OneDrive

At All Abilities Martial Art, we recognise the importance of facilitating effective communication and collaboration among our instructors while ensuring the protection and privacy of personal data. This policy statement outlines our practices for sharing information, including membership applications and emergency health information, via Microsoft OneDrive.

  1. Purpose of Information Sharing: The sharing of information via Microsoft OneDrive is solely for the purpose of enabling efficient communication and collaboration among our instructors in fulfilling their responsibilities, such as training and providing services to our members.
  2. Data Security: We are committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of the personal data shared via Microsoft OneDrive. Access to shared folders and files will be restricted to authorised instructors who require the information for legitimate business purposes.
  3. Limited Access: Access to shared folders containing membership applications and emergency health information will be granted only to instructors with a legitimate need for the data in carrying out their instructional and service duties.
  4. Data Minimisation: Only relevant and necessary information will be shared via Microsoft OneDrive. Instructors are required to exercise caution and refrain from sharing personal data beyond what is essential for their specific responsibilities.
  5. Encryption and Authentication: We will employ encryption and multi-factor authentication to enhance the security of data stored and accessed through Microsoft OneDrive, ensuring that only authorised individuals can access the information.
  6. Data Retention: Shared information will be retained on Microsoft OneDrive for as long as necessary to fulfil the intended purpose of collaboration and communication. Once the need for access to the data ceases, we will promptly remove or archive it appropriately.
  7. Third-Party Sharing: We will not share personal data stored on Microsoft OneDrive with external parties unless required by law or with explicit consent from the data subjects.
  8. Data Subject Rights: Instructors who have access to personal data on Microsoft OneDrive must be aware of and comply with data subjects’ rights, including the right to access, rectify, or erase their personal data.
  9. Training and Awareness: Instructors with access to shared information will receive training on data protection best practices and privacy principles to ensure responsible data handling.
  10. Compliance and Review: We are committed to complying with all applicable data protection laws and regulations concerning data sharing and privacy. We will regularly review and update this policy to reflect any changes in our data handling practices or legal requirements.

By adhering to this policy, [Your Organisation Name] aims to facilitate effective collaboration among instructors while ensuring the security and privacy of personal data shared through Microsoft OneDrive.

All Abilities Martial Art, 28/07/2023