Dojo Rules + T&C

The following rules were set up and approved by us and are presently in use:

1. Upon entering and leaving the training floor all students will show the proper respect by bowing to the Shomen area.

2. Personal appearances are of the greatest concern in Martial Arts. All students are expected to be neat and clean at all times when training.

Toenails and fingernails are to be properly cut so as not to injure yourself or your training partner. The training uniform is expected to be neat and clean with all tears well mended.

The official uniform (gi) without any markings except for your Association emblem or your Dojo emblem. Trim or writings will not be permitted on any training uniform.

3. When lining up for class, the highest ranking student will be to the right of the shomen area. If more than one student is of the same rank, then the one with the longest time-in-grade will be to the right. If both have the same time-in-grade, then the oldest will line up to the right.

4. Before beginning class, the senior student will call the class to attention and bow to the respective Shomen area. He will then direct the class to bow to their instructor. The same gestures will apply at the end of the class.

5. Should the instructor ask a student a question, the student will answer in a respectful manner with a ‘yes, Sensei’ or ‘no, Sensei’. Should a student wish to ask the instructor a question, the student should bow and address the instructor with the proper respect due to him/her. The same courtesy is expected when a higher ranking belt is authorized to take over a class.

6. There will be no talking in class at any time. All questions concerning techniques or other matters should be directed at the instructor. Only the instructor is to talk during the class or one so designated to teach the class by the instructor.

7. As a matter of proper conduct, no student will ask a higher ranking student or instructor to spar. There will be no sparring in the Dojo without the permission of the instructor.

8. No student will excuse him/herself from class without first obtaining permission from the instructor.

9. When entering the training hall you must enter with the intention of training. When you put on your training uniform, you should put it on with the wish to train seriously.

The senior student should, if wearing the training uniform, ask the instructor if he would like help in teaching the lower ranking students. This is a privilege and an obligation on the part of the senior student.

10. The building has a no smoking policy.

11. No profanity or abusive language will be allowed in the Dojo.

12. Do not wear rings, jewellery or any other metal ornaments in the Dojo when training.

13. Turn off your mobile phone or put it on to silent when you enter the Dojo.

14. Do not come to class while intoxicated. Do not consume any alcohol before a class or during training.

15. Do not run in the Dojo.

16. Do not show anyone who is not a club member any martial arts techniques and do not demonstrate in public.