Kamil Wysocki
20 November 2023
My son started here couple months ago and he love it. He preferred to learn how to self defence then just kicking and boxing which I agree. Lessons takes whole 1h and they are not wasting to much time for warmup running in circle like in other schools. Price is perfect and I can highly recommend this school if your goal is to learn real Martial Art skills and not just pay for color belts like at other schools.
Business Drive
21 June 2023
I recently ventured into the world of Jiu Jitsu training, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed by its effectiveness and the minimal force required to subdue attackers. One of the remarkable aspects of this martial art is its ability to control and neutralize opponents without causing significant harm. By utilizing simple body movements, balance, locks, and leveraging an opponent's momentum, Jiu Jitsu offers a progressive approach to self-defense. What sets Jiu Jitsu apart from other martial arts, such as boxing and Thai boxing, is its emphasis on technique rather than brute force. While I had previously trained for over 30 years in boxing and Thai boxing, I now realize that these arts, although effective in their own right, often necessitate strikes and kicks to subdue aggressive opponents. This reliance on striking techniques can have serious legal consequences, as excessive force can lead to legal issues and severe harm to the opponent. Jiu Jitsu, on the other hand, offers a more measured and controlled approach. It empowers individuals to defend themselves without resorting to excessive violence. Through strategic positioning, joint locks, and submission holds, practitioners can effectively control and immobilize an attacker, giving them the advantage in a physical confrontation. This progressive use of force allows for the appropriate response to match the level of aggression encountered. Moreover, Jiu Jitsu proves to be a martial art accessible to individuals who may perceive themselves as physically weak. It shatters the false belief that strength alone determines one's ability to defend oneself. By utilizing leverage, timing, and technique, even those with less physical strength can overcome larger and stronger opponents. I am truly amazed at how Jiu Jitsu has provided me with a fresh perspective on self-defense. Not only does it offer an efficient means to subdue attackers, but it also promotes personal growth, discipline, and self-confidence. The focus on control and the avoidance of unnecessary harm aligns with my desire to protect myself and others while minimizing the potential for legal repercussions. In conclusion, Jiu Jitsu stands out as a martial art that offers an effective and practical approach to self-defense. Its emphasis on technique, control, and progressive use of force sets it apart from other combat sports. Whether you are a beginner or have experience in other martial arts, Jiu Jitsu provides a valuable skill set that can empower you to protect yourself without resorting to excessive violence. It's an art form that encourages personal growth and instills confidence while promoting a safer and more responsible approach to self-defense.
Rossella Peretto
20 June 2023
My daughter loves going to the club and learning self defense techniques.
Ellie Lee
7 February 2022
Brilliant martial art! It is a great and safe space to learn self defense, as well as the art of jujitsu as well. It is accessible to everyone no matter your size. The teaching style is easy to follow and allows for personal interpretation which isn't seen as much in other clubs, making this one so unique. 100% recommend
Steven Coombs
23 December 2021
I’ve been taking my daughter a couple of years and she’s loves it! Has learned skills to look after herself later on in life and been at a pace she can understand. Very happy with the club!
Gary Olah
22 December 2021
Professional and friendly atmosphere. Classes are entertaining and very useful even in real life situation.
Wiktor Gierduszewski
16 December 2021
Amazing club if you want to learn self defence, build up your confidence and stay fit. Although it doesn't require much physical strength, so it's good for everyone , any age gender and ability.
Tracy Pearson
16 December 2021
My son finds the classes really good. The moves can be broken down and repeated which helps his way of learning! Martin is a good coach, and good with adapting the teaching techniques to each individual.

Aiki-Jujitsu  Self Defence classes in Bracknell

Discover the transformative power of Aiki Jujitsu in Bracknell!  Our classes prioritize practical self-defence skills, ensuring your safety through expert guidance on breaking falls and mat work. With a focus on blending with your opponent, Aiki Jujitsu incorporates joint locks, throws, strikes, and pressure points. It’s a versatile martial art suitable for all abilities and skill levels.  Join our small-sized classes and experience the rich history of Aiki Jujitsu, which has influenced disciplines like Aikido, Judo, BJJ, and MMA. Our approach emphasizes efficient strategies to neutralize threats and create safe exits rather than prolonged physical confrontation. We welcome individuals of all genders and abilities, providing a personalized experience in a welcoming and inclusive environment. As an affiliate of the British Combat Association and Fighting for Autism, our holistic approach to self-defence ensures you’ll become a safer and more confident version of yourself. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the art of Aiki Jujitsu and join our community. Each class is a step towards a better you! Sign up now and embark on your transformative journey. 


Sensei Martin Ridley

Sensei Martin Ridley

5th Dan

  • Over 20 years experence
  • Winner of Warriors assemble award 2016
Sensei Ellie lee

Sensei Ellie lee

2nd Dan

  • Over 10 Years experence
Sensei Wiktor Gierduszewski

Sensei Wiktor Gierduszewski

Black Belt

  • 7 Years experience