Children’s Classes Bracknell

Monday 6:00 – 7:00PM

Children’s 5+ : Syllabus Red to Black Belt. 

The children’s syllabus consists of five techniques, which are practised from eight different attacks. As you progress, you will be expected to add you own strikes and finishers which you have learnt. We also start to add multiple and random attacks, as well as working with weapons. Students learn how to breakfall without injury from many different types of takedown and throws, and they learn how to control their attacker on the floor where possible. Our main object in the class is to teach children to escape and run screaming for help.
Children will also learn about Dojo Etiquette and how to become an instructor and teach.

The syllabus has been designed to balance achievement with challenge. It is full adaptable for people of different abilities.

Learn to Defend yourself against the attacks below:
Single / Double Wrist Grab, Front / Rear Strangle, Punch to front of body, Grab to front of GI / body, Escape from Front / Rear Grab, Punch to side of body , Uppercut, Kicks front and side of Head / Neck/ Hair grabs, Weapons Attack (soft not live) and Randori (random attacks ). We also cover ground work and defence while seated/kneeling, as well as with Escrima sticks and/or Nunchucks.
You will learn how to defend yourself using: 
Kicks Front & Front Snap, Side, Round house, Hook and Knee Strike
Hand Strikes Chop,  Back Fist, Palm Heel, Hammer, Fist
Throws Hip, Shoulder, Opposite Shoulder,  Half Shoulder, leg sweeps
Blocks In Side, Out Side, Single Arm,  Double

To keep you safe while training and in everyday life we also teach:
Rolls Forward / Backward Roll Right and Left Hand side Forward Roll
Break-falls Forward,  Backwards,  Right-side,l Left-side,

This helps to build confidence. It also helps to avoid and overcome bullying.