Martin Ridley
presented with the Warriors
Assemble Fighting Spirit Awards 2016
Proud member
of the BCA
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Proud affiliate of Fighting for AutismSafegarding code in martial Art
obtained in 2019
Proud Supporter
of Adaptive Martial Arts UK & Ireland

Based in Bracknell Berkshire All Abilities Martial Art focuses on self defence teaching Modern and Practical Aiki-Jujutsu.  

Founded in February 2016 after Sensei Martin Tompson,  Sensei Martin Ridley and Sensei Roy Johnson deciding to leave an international organisation  that he had been apart of for over 30 years and Sensei Martin Ridley over 16 years. This was not an easy decision but we found ourselves moving in different directions.  

All Abilities Martial Art builds on the wealth of experience we learnt from our last organisation. Our Instructors believe martial art can be adapted to people with different abilities we have a syllabus for the kids and one for the adult and we just adapt the techniques to what works best for the person.

We have and continue to teach to a range of people of all ages currently ages 5 to 70 and abilities including people with physical , visual impairment, learning disabilities, ADHD and autism. 

Our training includes the use of different types of martial arts weapons including Nunchuck and
Bokkens and self-defence techniques.

Our aim is to make martial arts is set up and ran to be inclusive we do not believe in treating people differently everyone is treated with respect classes will always be mixed with gender and abled and disable people enjoyable and accessible to people with different abilities whilst maintaining the highest levels of coaching and safety and of course to have fun.

Our student benefit from include improving:

  • Coordination / Balance
  • Self esteem¬†/ confidence,¬†
  • Focus
  • Leadership skills
  • Physical Health
  • Teamwork
  • Improved Reflexes
  • Patience
  • Humility

It is also amazing stress relief