All Abilities Martial art Terms and conditions
The following Terms and conditions have been set up and approved by us and are presently in use.


Dojo rules

We have set out a set comprehensive list of guidelines for all our students and our instructors. This can be found on our Dojo Rules page and is shown to every new student before they join

as well as the terms and conditions.  Failure to compile with these rules will result in the dismissal of their training and cancelation of their membership

Training Fees

We charge a rate of 5£ per class, this can be paid on the day or you can pay for a month of training depending on how many weeks there is in the month. This can be paid at the begging of each month via bank transfer. Please note we are unable to refund or credit back any money.

Insurance (membership)
There will be an annual renewal fee for each student’s martial arts insurance due on the anniversary of his or her joining date. And must be paid in full at least one week before expirers
Cancellation of Training Fees
If for any reason you need to stop your training, either permanently or temporarily, then it is the sole responsibility of the student, parent or guardian to cancel their membership and cancel any direct debts with their bank.

Photographic & Video Consent
We may take photographs or video footage of our classes or demonstrations for marketing including our website and social media. This could also include 3rd party companies. 

Students cannot share images or photos or posts to sites that may course offence.  Students cannot share videos photos to other pages or sites with out permission.

Do not show anyone who is not a club member any martial arts Techniques and do not demonstrate in public.

Bulling rule or inappropriate behaviour 

we have a very strict no bulling rule or inappropriate behaviour this includes but no limited to.

•angry, aggressive communications (verbal or written)

•unwanted attention

•any written material that suggests a student may be unstable or have mental health issues

•a statement about self-harm or suicide

•sexual harassment (unwelcome sexual conduct of any kind)

•stalking (repeated attempts to impose unwanted communication or contact)

•an uttered threat to harm another or damage property

•any act of physical violence, property damage, or production of a weapon *

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the dismissal of their training and cancelation of their membership

All Abilities Martial Art