Kids 5+ : Syllabus Red to Black Belt. 

Children they will learn escape from a range of different attacks (Grabs, kicks and strikes) Students they will also

learn how to fall without injury from many different types of takedown and throws. As well as learning how to put someone on the floor using takedowns and throws. As the student progresses  through the grading system the techniques become more advanced and we start to introduce defending yourself from random attacks.

The syllabus has been designed to balance achievement with challenge as well being able to be adapted to people different Abilities.

This helps them to build confidence. As well as helping to avoid and overcome bullying

This is just some of the things each kid learns.


Forward Roll

Backward Roll

Right Hand Roll

Left Hand Roll

Forward Roll While Picking Up an Article from

The Ground


Front Kick & Front Snap Kick

Front Side Kick

Round house Kick

Hook Kick

Knee Strike


Hip Throw

Shoulder Throw

Opposite Shoulder Throw

Half Shoulder Throw

Neck Throw

Hand Strikes

Strike to Head

Strike to Body

Chop to head

Chop to Neck

Spinning Back Fist

Palm Heel Strike

Hammer Fist


In Side Block

Out Side Block

Single Arm Block

Double Arm Block


Forward Break-fall

Backward Break-fall

Right-side Break-fall

Left-side Break-fall

Rolling Break-fall

Defend your self against the attacks below
Single Wrist Grab 

Double Wrist Grab

Front Strangle Using Both Hands Kicks
Rear Strangle Using Both Hands Grab to Front of GI / body Escape from Front and Rear Grab Uppercut
Punch to Front of Body Punch to side of body Uppercut Hair grab
Randori Ground attacks weapon attack (soft not live)

Our aim is to make martial arts is set up and ran to be inclusive we do not believe in treating people differently everyone is treated with respect classes will always be mixed with gender and abled and disable people enjoyable and accessible to people with different abilities whilst maintaining the highest levels of coaching and safety.

All Abilities Martial Art is a proud member of the British Combat Association.